Sunday, 22 April 2012

Alnwick Symphonic Wind Ensemble (ASWE)

Cracking 1st concert last night.

Band scrubbed up nicely in band black.

Nice touch: yellow carnations for us all.

Reasonable size audience.

It was our first ever outing with a newly formed band, some of whom had never played classical wind ensemble before.

I was a little concerned  and apprehensive before the kick off, but I needn't have worried: as soon as we played the first few bars I knew we were going to be OK.

Dvorak Serenade for winds 1st Movt.

Nice start to the concert....good punchy entrance.

Clarinet Ensemble Beethoven Pathetique Slow Movement Conducted by George

I enjoyed this...nice tempo...kept it moving on...good ensemble playing....particularly enjoyed Sarah's bass clarinet bits!

Horn least we finished together

Quintessential Wind Quintet 2 mvts from Beethoven's Sextet..seemed to go OK

Mendelssohn..Ensemble + brass Overture op 24

Wow!! good ensemble playing in the Nocturne, particularly Ron's horn solo.

The Allegro..superb all the way through, and what a finish.

Interval...superb spread of goodies and drinks put on by the church....Thanks to them.

Clarinet ensemble Massenet

I enjoyed this.Obviously a more difficult piece than the Beethoven but they carried it off well.

Quintessential Warlock Capriol Suite

2 mvts Basse-Dance and Pavane...again well appreciated.

Mozart Serenade Gran Partita 3 mvts

I was a little bit anxious about this as Mozart is not easy to play well....he requires precise playing....

BUT...apart from a little hiccup in the opening went extremely well.

I was well pleased.

R Strauss Serenade....We have played this better, but it went OK

Finish ...I felt quite emotional.

Considering how many people hadn't played classical ensemble before and what we were like at the start I can't believe we pulled it off.....

But we did!!!!!

There had obviously been quite a lot of practising done, especially by the woodwind section to cope with the faster pieces.

So well done to you all....

We finished off the food and grub at the end.....certain people I feel were only there for that!!

So a good night out...they would like us who knows??


  1. Lorena Field-Boden22 April 2012 at 12:54

    Thanks Ray - really enjoyed the evening. A fantastic venue, warm welcome and as you say we pulled it off. I hope that we can continue with the group once you have drawn breath. Well done to everyone (especially my clarinet chummies).

  2. Yes, great night. Well played everyone!!

  3. Thank you for a great concert. It all went well much o my relief. I feel that I have moved on since the traumas of Mamma Mia. Everyone worked hard, especially you, Ray.